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30 jähriges EDP Jubiläum 2015

Buchveröffentlichung 2016

Körper der Gnade, eine Philosophie des Tanzes

Körper der Gnade (PDF, 0.75 MB)

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2018 in Berlin

Körper der Gnade
Fortbildungsprogramm 2018/2019 (PDF, 2.74 MB)

Emotional Dance Process®
HeilKunst in Bewegung
Tiamat S. Ohm
Telefon: 0049 (0) 6172-4997973

Dance is a passage; dance is a risk, like every journey that knows no destination.
Dance is an enterprise, we live with woundedness in the world.
Since it knows beauty and strength, it also knows suffering, memories, experiences and longings.
The dance is about movement which embraces the Heart, the Mind and the Spirit.
Not just once, but forever.

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